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The Motet/The Motet
With the release of its seventh album, The Motet once again showcases its commitment to pushing the sonic envelope, while remaining dedicated to the musical traditions that have defined the band’s sound.

The new album, which is self-titled, boldly states that “this is the band The Motet has strived to become.” The whole is now greater than the sum of it’s parts with each member of the band contributing to the writing and arranging of the songs, telling a “unified story through syncopated rhythms and melodies.” If you’ve loved The Motet for years, “you haven’t heard the band like this, and you won’t be disappointed.”

After 12 years of touring, The Motet founder Dave Watts, and its other members, have refined their vision into a dynamic and expressive force. Although the early years of the band saw a constantly revolving cast of musicians, the most recent incarnation has been touring the country for the last several years developing a new and unique style with roots in funk, Afrobeat, disco, electronic music, and soul.

This “new” Motet has quickly gained a reputation for “throwing infectious dance parties everywhere they go,” creating a deep rapport between band and audience. As expected, The Motet and this CD keeps their audiences dancing.

The album was recorded and mixed by Mike Yach at Immersive Sound, except “Keep on Don’t Stoppin’,” which was recorded by Joel Scanlon at Scanhope Studios. The album was released in February. All tracks were written and produced by members of The Motet.

Visit to purchase the CD, find out more about the band and see all of its tour dates.

1) Like We Own It
2) 1 2 3
3) Rynodub
4) Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed
5) Extraordinary High
6) Rich in People
7) The Fountain
8) Knock it Down
9) Keep on Don’t Stoppin’

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