Music Calendar

Music Calendar – September 2014

September 1
Labor Day Cajun Cookout and Concert w/Felix y Los Gatos, The Zydecoasters, more – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
September 3
Flood Open Mic – Old Gallery (AP)
September 4
Juliette Ashby – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Karaoke – Stage Stop (RV)
The Funky Tonk Heroes – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
September 5
Aural Elixer – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Lucas Swafford – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Michelle McAffe – Stage Stop (RV)
Jim Stalhut – Troia’s Café & Marketplace (GT)
Bonnie & the Clydes – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Mostly Joe Hawkins – Tapestry Coffe House (AP)
Blue Krewe – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
John Statz – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Jim Capick – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (EP)
Good Gravy – Rock Inn (EP)
September 6
Electric Red – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Tacos ‘n’ Tunes: Bosco Sticks – Blue Owl Books (NED)
Curly Karen – Stage Stop (RV)
Sweet Lillies – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Ethyl & the Regulars – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Shower Me Blue – Spirit Hound Distillers (LY)
James Faulk – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Augustus Boulder – Rock Inn (EP)
Angus Mohr – Lonigan’s Pub (EP)
The Elktones – Elk Meadow Lodge (EP)
The Machine performs ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ – Dillon Amphitheatre
September 7
Laurie Dameron – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
TAARKA – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Jill Cohn – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Neal Whitlock – Rock Inn (EP)
September 11
Open Mic – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Esther Sparks and the Whiskey Remedy – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
September 12
The Symbols – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Hot Rod Hill Climb Kick-Off Party w/Barnyard Stompers – Downtown Georgetown (GT)
Gary & Claudia – Troia’s Café & Marketplace (GT)
Justin Faye and Mark Pack – Tapestry Coffe House (AP)
Sounds of Lyons: Crazy About You – Rogers Hall (LY)
Butch Hancock, The Prairie Scholars – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Solidarity in Sandstone w/The Watergirls, Emily Flemming, more – Sandstone Park (LY)
John McKay Band – Rock Inn (EP)
Mountain Rivers Jubilee w/Brian Brooks and the Incorrigibles, Brad Fitch, John Mills Orchestra, more – Estes Park Events Complex (EP)
September 13
Psychodillo – Pioneer Inn (NED)
The New Fenetix – Stage Stop (RV)
Live Music – Troia’s Café & Marketplace (GT)
Viva Lyons w/The Infamous Stringdusters – Bohn Park (LY)
Denny Driscoll – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Bonnie & the Clydes – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Jay Roemer – Rock Inn (EP)
Musician Brad Fitch – Elk Meadow Lodge (EP)
September 14
David Williams – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Caribou Mountain Collective – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
The Gigmasters – Stage Stop (RV)
Matt Flaherty Band – Millsite Inn (WD)
Jeremy Steding Band – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Glenn Colby – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Celebrating Lyons II w/TAARKA, The Songbirds, Granias – Sandstone Park (LY)
Groves & Blake – Rock Inn (EP)
September 15
Joscho Stephan and Gypsy Cattle Drive – United Center (IS)
September 17
Lyons Local Band Night – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
September 18
Mojo Medicine Show – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Celtic Session w/The Gael – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Gideon’s Rifle, Red Ember – Stage Stop (RV)
Idlewhile – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
September 19
Oh Whitney – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Funky Tonk Heroes – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Champagne Charlie – Stage Stop (RV)
Sean Flynn – Tapestry Coffe House (AP)
Bitter Sweet – Troia’s Café & Marketplace (GT)
Banshee Tree – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
TBD – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Johnny O Band – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Caribou Mountain Collective – Rock Inn (EP)
September 19-20
Yonder Mountain String Band Kinfolk Festival – Planet Bluegrass (LY)
September 20
Potcheen – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Tacos ‘n’ Tunes: Andrew Bonnis – Blue Owl Books (NED)
Los Funbags – Stage Stop (RV)
Jim Stalhut – Troia’s Café & Marketplace (GT)
Dead Set – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Marvelous Marmots – Lonigans Pub (EP)
Lionel Young Band – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
James Faulk – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Sean Flynn – Rock Inn (EP)
September 20-21
Autumn Gold Festival w/Wendy Woo, Amplified Souls, more – Bond Park
September 21
Gent Treadly – Stage Stop (RV)
ONDA – Millsite Inn (WD)
Katie Glassman & Greg Schochet, Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Aural Elixir – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Nouveau Honkies Band – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Neal Whitlock – Rock Inn (EP)
September 25
M Squared – Pioneer Inn (NED)
New Artist Spotlight – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Andrew Bonnis & Friends – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
September 26
New Family Dog – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Jim Stalhut – Troia’s Café & Marketplace (GT)
David Booker – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (GT)
Esther Sparks – Tapestry Coffe House (AP)
Taggart and Silas – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Cowboy Dave Band – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Open Mic Night – Old Gallery (AP)
Todd Adelman & the Country Mile – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Pine Dwellers – Rock Inn (EP)
September 27
Split Jive Broadcast – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Paper Bird – United Center (IS)
Wayne Faust – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Andrew Wynne – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (GT)
Live Music – Troia’s Café & Marketplace (GT)
Gasoline Lollipops – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Bella Musser – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Sammy Kershaw – Reserve Casino (CC)
Aspen Sipes – Rock Inn (EP)
September 28
Caribou Mountain Collective – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Blues Doctors – Stage Stop (RV)
Jeff Brinkman – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Tupelo Honey – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Jeff Brinkman – Millsite Inn (WD)
Blake, Groves & Friends – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Arthur Lee Land – Rock Inn (EP)
Open Bluegrass Pick – Salto Coffee Works (NED)
Sunday Night Blues w/KNED Blues Band – First Street Pub (NED)
Grumpy Jam – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (GT)
Live Music – Monarch Casino (BH)
Branden Sipes – The View @ Historic Crags Lodge (EP)
Cowboy Sing-along Program – Bond Park (EP)
Brunch w/Amanda Valley – Estes Park Resort (EP)
Karaoke – Flipper McGills (IS)
Open Jovie (Open Mic Jimtown Style) – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Live Music – Lady Luck Casino (BH)
Cowboy Sing-along Program – Bond Park (EP)
Open Mic – Pioneer Inn (NED)
“A Night at the Goat” Open Mic – KYGT Radio 102.7/103.9 (IS)
Bluegrass Pick – Oskar Blues (LY)
Billy Shaddox – The View @ Historic Crags (EP)
Cowboy Sing-along Program – Bond Park (EP)
Blues Jam – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Karaoke – Charlie’s Bar (CC)
Karaoke – West Winds Tavern (IS)
Live Music – Lady Luck Casino (BH)
Open Bluegrass Pick – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Open Mic Night – Outlaw Saloon (LY)
Jerry Barlow – The View @ Historic Crags (EP)
Brown Bag Lunch Jam – Highland Music (EP)
Open Mic w/Justin Faye – Lonigans (EP)
Dennis-Tobias Band – The View @ Historic Crags (EP)
Bluegrass Pick – First Street Pub (NED)
Karaoke – 1860 Tavern (EM)
Karaoke – Outlaw Saloon (LY)
Open Mic: Taylor Radio + Potluck – Spirit Hound Distillery (LY)
Scott Von – The View @ Historic Crags Lodge (EP)
Vic Anderson – Coffee on the Rocks (EP)
Ladies Nights w/Dennis Tobias Band – Waterfront Grille @ Estes Park Resort (EP)
Karaoke – Charlie’s Bar (CC)
Open Mic – Flipper McGills (IS)
Steve Smersh – Mountain Strong Restaurant (EP)
Ray Young – Nicky’s Restaurant (EP)
James Davis – Twin Owls Steakhouse (EP)
Karaoke (Theme Night) – Lonigans Saloon (EP)
Jazz on the Patio w/Jon Ridnell & Friends – Salto Coffee Works (NED)
Open Mic Night – Tapestry Coffee House (AP)
Boom Town Band – Stroehle Square Gazebo (BH)
Karaoke (Prize Night) – Lonigans Saloon (EP)
Ray Young – Nicky’s Restaurant (EP)
Dennis-Tobias Band – Cheesy Lee’s Pizza (EP)

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