Noteworthy: Hot Rise


Hot Rize
When I’m Free

Colorado’s Hot Rize, who first appeared onstage together in 1978, are touring for the first time since 1990 to support their new album, “When I’m Free.” The band features original members Tim O’Brien, Pete Wernick and Nick Forster along with Bryan Sutton who replaces the late Charles Sawtelle.

The album was recorded at eTown Studios, founded by Forster, and was engineered and mixed by Dave Sinko. Most of the cuts are new originals, with some traditional and unexpected favorites included as well.

Almost 24 years after their last studio album, the foursome “brings an even deeper strength to bear” on their new record, out September 30. “We’re too close as friends and longtime collaborators to let Hot Rize just lay fallow. We’ve watched bluegrass evolve in the past 25 years, and while we’ve all been a part of that evolution as individuals, now it’s time to bring a new Hot Rize statement to the world,” O’Brien said. “Reunion shows are fun, but we got to where we wanted to dig into new material.”

The musicians didn’t use booths or headphones in favor of sitting in a circle and recording live off the floor. “The first time I’ve recorded like that since 1971,” Wernick said. This organic approach resulted in an album that has the energy of a Hot Rize live show.

Although these days half the group lives in Colorado and half in Nashville, they made collaboration a priority. Once they began co-writing, everything else fell into place.

“Nobody’s been a bigger Hot Rize fan than me,” Sutton said, “and that’s a perspective I’ve tried to maintain as a member of the band. I’m excited about this new record.”

Visit for more information and to order the album.

1) Western Skies
2) Blue Is Fallin’
3) Come Away
4) Sky Rider
5) You Were On My Mind This Morning
6) Doggone
7) A Cowboy’s Life
8) I Never Met A One Like You
9) Burn It Down
10) Glory in the Meeting House
11) I Am The Road
12) Clary Mae

Published in the October 2014 issue of the MMAC Monthly

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