Week-long female veteran’s retreat to help heal ‘wounded hero’

Woman Veteran Retreat 2014.pdf

Helping and healing our Female Veterans is very important. History and Heroes, along with The Aspen Lodge are taking this responsibility to a whole new level. A Hero Reborn event, Oct. 25-Nov. 1, is designed to take a “wounded hero through a series of workshops to give her the tools necessary to heal emotional wounds and rebuild self-esteem and confidence.” This eight day event, free for all Female Veterans, includes daily workshops, discussions and exercises as well as social group activities, hikes and non traditional therapies along with morning exercise sessions, all led by Master Chen.

The program includes eight days and seven nights at the scenic Aspen Lodge Resort and Spa, located just minutes from Downtown Estes Park. Accommodations include use of the Aspen Lodge’s on-site amenities, Continental breakfast buffet, family-style lunch and dinner each day as well as access to 81 acres for walks, hikes and horseback rides. Nontraditional therapies include equine therapy, acupuncture and healing massage therapy.

Daily discussions will follow morning exercise sessions focusing on Tai Chi and Wu Dang Martial Arts adaptations. The discussion schedule covers topics including: “Why am I here?,” “Discover I – Who am I”, “Stillness to Motion, Three Treasures of the Body,” “Moving/Meditation – Feel Alive,” Forgive & Trust – Find Inner Peace through forgiveness,” “Grow Into Heaven,” “Detach from life. Soul, Spirit, and Me – A Whole Body,” “Empower My Life, Cultivate Stillness and be Productive,” and “I’m a Hero; A New Life is Born.”

Master Yun Xiang Tseng, known by his Taoist name, Chen, is a Wu Dang martial arts master and healer who comes from a direct line of Wu Gang Mountain teachers, a lineage over 700 years old and unbroken. He was sent to the United States at a young age to share the life and philosophy of ancient Taoism and the Taoist healing arts. Master Chen’s primary teacher was a female who shared with him the healing dynamics specific to female issues and trauma. His experience extends further to special forces, military and police officer training. He has been teaching in the U.S. for over 20 years and is known for his profound ability to engage with depth and humor.

Guest Speaker, Carrie Barry was U.S. Army attached to the World Class Athlete Program. She competed representing the US Army in boxing and was Captain while a member of the USA National Boxing Team from 2004 until 2012.

A Hero Reborn is hosted by History and Heroes and aims to heal the emotional wounds one hero at a time, serving those who have served. The organization strives to “catch the fallen heroes before they fall, helping them return to simplicity, live their true nature and heal their emotional wounds so they can stand tall with pride once again, and be productive in our communities.”

The Aspen Lodge, located at 6120 Hwy. 7 in Estes Park, fit’s perfectly into the mission of History and Heroes, to save historic places and provide safe and healing environments for wounded warriors, veterans and their families in order to successfully transition them back into society, aiding our heroes through training and education to help them rebuild self-esteem and enrich their lives.

History and Heroes uses donations to provide this opportunity to the local Veterans. Donation opportunities and more information about the program can be found at, or call 970-682-9985. More information about Aspen Lodge Resort & Spa can be found at, or call 970-586-8133.

Published in the October 2014 issue of the MMAC Monthly

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