Music Calendar

Music Calendar December 2014

December 3
Johnsmith – Gold Hill Café (GH)
Greek Glendi – Salina Schoolhouse (SA)
The Complete Unknowns – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
December 4
Mile Perry – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Matt Flaherty Band – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
December 5
Electric Red – Pioneer Inn (NED)
First Friday w/CBDs – Salto Coffee Works (NED)
Caribou Mountain Collective – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Britta and Brooke – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Monocle – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Lineage Music Project – Rock Inn (EP)
Blues Doctors – Estes Park American Legion Hall (EP)
December 6
The Big Little Band – Stage Stop (RV)
The Angle – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Holiday Mountain Markey w/Cindy Haxel & Friends, Roy Burkett, Peak to Peak Chorale, The Gael, Mountain Movers – Nederland Community Center
Funky Tonk Heroes – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Americana Highway – Corona Bar @ Eldora Mountain Resort
Gasoline Lollipops – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Repeal Day Party w/Shotgun Moses – Spirit Hound Distillery (LY)
Young Ancients – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Meraki – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Derek Blake – Rock Inn (EP)
December 7
Holiday Mountain Market w/Brightwood Music, Revelations 19 Choir, Burt Rashbaum, Presbyterian Church Carolers – Nederland Community Center (NED)
Bottom Dollar String Band – Salto Coffee Works (NED)
Billy Shaddox – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
K.C. Groves, Greg Blake & Friends – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Jay Stott – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Jon Pickett – Rock Inn (EP)
December 9
Open Mic – Coffee on the Rocks (EP)
December 10
Neal Whitlock – Rock Inn (EP)
December 11
Open Mic – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Matt Skinner Band – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
December 12
Psychodillo – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Whiskey Autumn – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Alex Culbreth – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Jason Vigil – Ameristar Casino (BH)
Augustus – Rock Inn (EP)
December 13
Malai Llama & Guests – Black Forest Restaurant (NED)
New Family Dog, The Rangers – Stage Stop (RV)
The Symbols – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Left Coast Country – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Jason Vigil – Ameristar Casino (BH)
David Booker – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (GT)
James Faulk – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Billy Shaddox – Rock Inn (EP)
December 14
Moors & McCumber, Weston Smith – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Christmas Concert w/United Center Christmas Choir, Original Cowboy Band – United Center (IS)
Danny Shafer & Greg Schochet – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Tupelo Honey – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Neal Whitlock – Rock Inn (EP)
December 17
Lyons Local Band Night – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Ran off the Rooster – Rock Inn (EP)
December 18
Celtic Session w/The Gael – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Jami Lunde – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
December 19
Gasoline Lollipops – Stage Stop (RV)
Global Soul Experience – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Tupelo Honey – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Tiffany Christopher – Rathskeller Bar at Loveland Ski Area (GT)
Jeff Brinkman – Spirit Hound Distillery (LY)
Long Road Home – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
December 20
Dana Stokes Band – Stage Stop (RV)
New Family Dog – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Andrew Wynne – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (GT)
Eric Adrian Gonzales – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Arthur Lee Land – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Greg Blake – Rock Inn (EP)
December 21
4th annual Winter Solstice Celebration – Wild Bear Mountain Ecology Center Eco-Arts Lounge (NED)
Chuck Pyle, Country Dog – Gold Hill Inn (GH)
Glenn Colby – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Giddyup Kitty – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Soltice Party w/Jon Pickett & Friends – Rock Inn (EP)
December 23
Jon Pickett – Rock Inn (EP)
December 24
The Pine Dwellers – Pioneer Inn (NED)
December 26
Riff Raff – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Live Music – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Gary Hall – Rock Inn (EP)
December 27
Live Music – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Great White – Reserve Casino (CC)
Off the Tracks – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
James Faulk – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Shaefer Welch – Rock Inn (EP)
December 28
Tupelo Honey – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
Bella Musser – Stone Cup/Rise & Shine Bistro (LY)
Jon Pickett – Rock Inn (EP)
December 29
Just Jill – Rock Inn (EP)
December 30
Sean Flynn – Rock Inn (EP)
December 31
The Big Little Band w/members of Gipsy Moon and Mountain Standard Time, Special Guests – Stage Stop (RV)
Split Jive Broadcast – Pioneer Inn (NED)
The Grant Farm – Oskar Blues Grill & Brew (LY)
The Long Run – Reserve Casino (CC)
Gary Jorgensen & Claudia Cupp – Troias Café & Marketplace (GT)
Crystal Ball w/That Party Band – Stanley Hotel (EP)
James & the Devil – Rock Inn (EP)
January 2-4
Murder By Death – Stanley Hotel (EP)
January 3
David Booker – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (GT)
Jay Stott – Rock Inn (EP)

Open Bluegrass Pick – Salto Coffee Works (NED)
Fred’s Got the Blues – First Street Pub (NED)
Grumpy Jam – Alpine Restaurant & Bar (GT)
Brunch w/Amanda Valley – Estes Park Resort (EP)
Open Jovie (Open Mic Jimtown Style) – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Open Mic – Pioneer Inn (NED)
“A Night at the Goat” Open Mic – KYGT Radio (IS)
Bluegrass Pick – Oskar Blues (LY)
James Davis – Twin Owls Steakhouse (EP)
Blues Jam – Pioneer Inn (NED)
Vinyl Night – Very Nice Brewing (NED)
Karaoke – West Winds Tavern (IS)
Open Bluegrass Pick – Jamestown Mercantile (JT)
Brown Bag Lunch Jam – Highland Music (EP)
Open Mic w/Justin Faye – Lonigans (EP)
James Davis – Twin Owls Steakhouse (EP)
Bluegrass Pick – First Street Pub (NED)
Open Jam Night – Whistler’s Café (NED)
Karaoke – 1860 Tavern (EM)
Karaoke – Outlaw Saloon (LY)
Open Mic: Taylor Radio + Potluck – Spirit Hound Distillery (LY)
Scott Von – The View @ Historic Crags Lodge (EP)
Vic Anderson – Coffee on the Rocks (EP)
Ladies Night w/Mountain Town Rockers – Estes Park Resort (EP)
Open Mic – Flipper McGills (IS)
Steve Smersh – Mountain Strong Restaurant (EP)
Ray Young – Nicky’s Restaurant (EP)
Bob Smallwood – Coffee On The Rocks (EP)
James Davis – Twin Owls Steakhouse (EP)
Karaoke (Theme Night) – Lonigans Saloon (EP)
Open Mic Night – Tapestry Coffee House (AP)
Live Music w/Bear – ClubNed
Karaoke (Prize Night) – Lonigans Saloon (EP)
Ray Young – Nicky’s Restaurant (EP)
Vic Anderson – Coffee On The Rocks (EP)
Dennis-Tobias Band – Cheesy Lee’s Pizza (EP)

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Originally published in December 2014 issue of the MMAC Monthly

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