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Oskar Blues Brewery to triple match all donations made to CAN’d Aid through end of year

Now until the end of the year–$100 will get ya’ $300 with a special triple match from Oskar Blues

Longmont, CO, & Brevard, NC–In the spirit of doin’ good this holiday season, Oskar Blues Brewery and its soul founder, Dale Katechis, will match ALL donations made to the CAN’d Aid Foundation from NOW until 12/31/14. Every dollar donated will DO THREE TIMES THE GOOD, thus tripling the do-goodery. Just 15 months after its inception, the Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation has emerged as an a-typical nonprofit organization, funding funky & irreverent projects across the country.

The foundation’s program areas include:
Towns – building strong communities.
Treads & Trails — get outside + get after it.
Tunes — for our eyeholes + earholes.
Love Yer Mama — save the big blue marble.
Total CANarchy — unCANventional projects that make a difference.

The foundation has positioned itself to remain nimble and true to its roots. In less than a year and a half, CAN’d Aid Foundation has given $750,000 in ColoRADo flood relief efforts plus $200,000 to 42 other organizations and projects nationwide.

Helping people and giving back to the community is something that Dale Katechis has always been engaged in. By creating Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation, Katechis took his charitable leanings to the next level. In 2014, every dollar raised by the foundation has been matched by Oskar Blues Brewery, providing a tremendous motivator for other philanthropic entities. And, until the end of the year, Katechis announced he will personally match dollar for dollar as well.

“We are fortunate to be aligned with a company led by such a passionate and driven guy. Giving back is part of the culture at Oskar Blues. It’s not scripted or forced-it’s just what we do-and that is a direct result of Dale’s leadership,” says Diana Ralston, executive director of the CAN’d Aid Foundation.

Help CAN’d Aid do MORE by donating today. Donate on-line at or checks can be mailed to:

Oskar Blues CAN’d Aid Foundation
1800 Pike Road
Longmont, CO 80501

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