History Colorado announces 2015-2016 lecture series: The World Around Us

DENVER — At times, the ideas, people and reputation of Colorado transcend its borders and engender transformative changes in the wider society. Other times, outside forces influence Colorado in ways large and small. History Colorado explores Colorado’s broader place in its 2015-2016 lecture series, The World Around Us.

This years lecture series will explore Colorado women who changed the world, with talks on Ruth Handler, the creator of the Barbie doll, and Emily Griffith, an innovative Denver educator. Delve into environmental lessons gleaned from one small corner of Rocky Mountain National Park with Dr. Thomas G. Andrews. State Historian Emeritus will reveal the hidden histories of Colorado’s official symbols, and Dr. Tom Noel will explain what makes the state so unique. The annual speaker from the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Richard Kurin, will provide an exciting object-based history of the United States. Take a look at  what Colorado’s endangered prairie ecosystems and native environment can gain from an influential new conservation project in Montana. The series will close with the legacy of the National Historic Preservation Act on our state in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Lectures will be held at the History Colorado Center with experts to weave the stories behind each fascinating topic.  Visit the History Colorado website to see details on the 2015-2016 Lecture Series: The World Around Us

To buy tickets call (303) 866-2394, purchase at the door or go online to

Single Lectures:

Members $8.50
Nonmembers $10
Students (with I.D.) $6.50

Eight-Part Lecture Series(all daytime or all evening):

Members $60
Nonmembers $75

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