Rocky Mountain N.P.

Volunteers needed at Rocky Mountain National Park

What an exciting year to be part of the action at Rocky Mountain as the National Park Service celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016!  Rocky Mountain National Park is home to one of the most dynamic and hard-working volunteer programs in the National Park Service. Each year, Rocky enlists individual and group volunteers to assist paid staff on various projects. In 2015, nearly 2,200 volunteers served over 110,000 hours in the park, making it one of the largest volunteer programs in the NPS.

The park is currently recruiting for over twenty individual volunteer opportunities for this summer.  Duties range from providing visitor information at various trailheads and information stations to working on the road crew, doing bird research, camp hosting or swearing in Junior Rangers, among other positions.  The majority of these opportunities are suitable for those within commuting distance of the park, as most do not come with housing.  Volunteers may serve anywhere from one day per month to five days per week.

The park also has a robust group volunteer program, offering various opportunities to organized groups ranging in size from two to sixty!  These projects vary from working with the trails or firefighter crews to restoration projects with our vegetation staff.  Organized groups (scouts, school groups, corporate groups, families, etc.) may volunteer for a day or more in the park.  Depending on availability, these groups may be eligible for free camping.

To learn more about the volunteer program and to get involved as a volunteer in the park, join park staff for an informative session hosted by the park’s Volunteer Coordinator in the Estes Valley Library’s Hondius Room on March 10 at 6:30 p.m.  For more information, see the park’s volunteer website or call the park’s Information Office at 970-586-1206.

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