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Historic Park Theatre hosts free ‘Colorado Experience’ previews

coex-logoESTES PARK
The Historic Park Theatre is delighted to host free previews of two episodes — “Big Thompson Flood” and “The Stanley Hotel” — from the upcoming season of Rocky Mountain PBS‘s award-winning series Colorado Experience. The event is sponsored by the Estes Park Film Festival* in cooperation with the Colorado Office of Film, TV and Media, which has organized the Roadshow to present specific episodes in a handful of venues across the state related to the history of each of those areas. Participants also will have the special opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with Colorado Experience producer Julie Speer and Colorado Film Commissioner Donald Zuckerman following the screenings.

bigthompsonfloodBIG THOMPSON FLOOD
When the skies opened on July 31, 1976, few anticipated that this summer storm would result in the deadliest flash flood in Colorado’s recorded history. More than twelve inches fell in a four-hour period creating a wall of water that swept away everything from power-lines and trees to cars and homes: 143 lives were lost and another 150 were injured on this tragic day. A few stubborn structures still stand, displaying nature’s impact on a man-made environment. The survivor’s stories also remain and are shared with us in this dramatic film history.

Widely known for serving as inspiration for Steven King’s 1977 novel The Shining, The Stanley Hotel’s legacy goes beyond a history of paranormal activity.

When Freelan Oscar Stanley – of Stanley Steamer fame — arrived in Estes Park in 1903, he was not looking for a hotel location, but instead the climate-cure for his tuberculosis. After recovering, Stanley decided to open a hotel with every luxury tailored to his circle of New England elite.

This film documentary travels the hotel’s haunted halls, showcases its architectural glory with a rich collection of historical photographs, and explains how the Stanley Hotel sparked early tourism and influenced the National Parks system.

Colorado Experience is currently Rocky Mountain PBS’s highest rated, locally produced show. Each half-hour episode of the Emmy award-winning series sheds light on a person, place, or event that shaped the great state of Colorado. The series presents historically accurate stories in an entertaining, quick-paced and educational format.

The producers strive to make history, presented in modern terms, as compelling as any prime time television program and engage viewers of all ages throughout the Rocky Mountain region and beyond.

Each episode is dedicated to keeping history alive for future generations.


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