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‘Night Creatures & Evening Adaptations’ class offered

Boreal Owl

Boreal Owl – Photo courtesy Rocky Mountain Conservancy

The late night affairs of wildlife are often a mystery. While most people spend their evenings inside, away from the unfamiliar nighttime forest, there are animals, insects and even plants busy working after dark. For those interested in experiencing wildlife after hours, check out the Rocky Mountain Conservancy’s “Night Creatures & Evening Adaptations” class on May 19.

Led by Kevin Cook, participants will enrich their wild life experiences by stepping out into the evening to listen to Voles scurry under the leaves, smell flowers that attract nocturnal pollinators, and allow the unfamiliar to become familiar. By perceiving the world through scent, sound and sight participants will learn how to experience the full richness of wild life and engage life after dark.

Kevin Cook has been exploring Colorado to experience wild life firsthand since 1974. He has a special enthusiasm for the intricate connectedness of animals, plants, fungi, protists and bacteria. Kevin leads wildlife observation tours, teaches an array of wild life classes, presents monthly lectures at many Colorado venues, and writes natural history columns for newspapers and magazines.

To register, visit http://www.rmconservancy.org and click on the Learn With Us tab, call 970-586- 3262.

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