‘Social Tuesdays’ bring live music to Clock Tower

By Jeffrey V. Smith
Salto Coffee Works and Tin Shed Sports are taking their unique, synergetic business connection and putting a name on it: The Clocktower Collective. While there are no real changes being made, and the familiar names will remain, the two business—which already share a building and other resources—have decided to use a single name as a way to highlight their many events and “Social Tuesdays,” a night to hang with family and friends on the patio with live music.

“The Clocktower Collective is our way of encompassing everything that goes on underneath this roof,” Salto’s owner Karina Luscher said. “Because there are the pop-up farms stands and pop-up boutiques that we do, the music we do, the fundraisers and presentations. Then there are all the things that Tin Shed does, too, like demos and sales and other stuff. It’s just trying to encapsulate everything that goes on here. This building holds so much more, collectively.”

The idea is also to get people talking about what’s happening at The Clocktower Collective. “That’s who we are. We are under the clock tower building that has a huge clock tower,” Luscher said. “We are certainly talking about Salto, and we are certainly talking about Tin Shed. We are not going to wipe those off the slate and try to eliminate them. They are incredibly strong brands, and they need to stay very present and continue to grow.”

According to Marketing and Events Consultant Stephanie Andelman, the mutual name is a “re-branding,” but not really. “We’re not changing anything, it’s just if we say it’s a Clocktower Collective event, people should just know it’s one of those two or that they are in partnership to do it together, or somebody from the outside is coming in and it’s somewhere in here or even outside.”

Some of the first events held under The Clocktower Collective moniker include their Tuesday evening patio events featuring live music. The popular early evening out in Nederland began as a special wood-fired pizza night with Dawn Dennison’s mobile oven, then morphed into “Taco Tuesday,” and now, it’s “Social Tuesday.”

The evenings include free live music on the patio, specialty tacos, craft beer and wine on draft. The events begin at 6:30 p.m. following the daily happy-hour from 4-6 p.m. These Tuesday evening get-togethers not only offer great food and drink with a chance to socialize with neighbors, but also provides an opportunity to enjoy the area’s local musical talent.

When Salto began serving tacos every day, it stopped making sense to call it “Taco Tuesday,” but it’s basically the same thing. While Tuesday’s have proven popular, there is no real reason for holding the events on that day of the week.

Salto.Tacos“There really is no significance to Tuesday, other than way back, when we first opened, Dawn and I put our heads together and hatched a plan to do pizza on the patio and we thought Tuesday would be a great night.” Luscher said. “We just picked Tuesday. I don’t know what it was, it was just a day that worked for both of us.” When pizza wasn’t available, a special, once-a-week taco night was substituted. Then, the tacos became so popular, they were added to the permanent menu.

“That’s how the Tuesday thing happened. It’s also the evolution of our menu that you see today. Both Chef and I were always joking and looking out the window and saying we should just do tacos all the time. So, it wasn’t a huge leap when we decided to change our menu. It was very natural,” Luscher said. “People still call it Taco Tuesday or say let’s go to taco night, and I’m like every night is taco night.”

In addition to “Social Tuesdays” watch for Wednesday farm markets, pop-up boutiques, bike clinics, tap takeovers, first Friday artist receptions and more.

“Social Tuesdays” on the patio begin this month with Sarah Banker, a Nederland local who performs “soulful folk with a warm style that entrances and entertains” on June 6. Boulder’s Many Mountains is up next, June 13. Katie Rose and Dustin Moran play folk-rock with “swooning vocal harmonies sang over swelling slide guitar and to the point rhythms.” They’ve been called elegant, smooth and visceral. It’s acoustic-based while holding rock and blues attributes.

The “Social Tuesdays” music series continues, June 20, with singer-songwriter and guitar rocker Tiffany Christopher. She has a unique sound that pulls from many different genres of music. Her songwriting is called both soothing and invigorating while her groove is rhythmic and strong. Christopher’s energy is captivating and her voice is undeniably stellar.

Singer, guitar and mandolin player and songwriter Julie Guassaroff, upright bassist from the Sweet Lillies, stops in for a solo show, June 27, to wrap-up the first month of “Social Tuesday” shows. She performs Texas swing, bluegrass, jazz, blues and original folk.

With Independence Day falling on a Tuesday this year, the July 4 “Social Tuesday” event is a special party and “high-altitude bluegrass” from Steepland String Band. The fast-driving, hard-picking acoustic quartet explores a multitude of genres while staying rooted in the bluegrass tradition.

Other “Social Tuesday” events in July include performances by Card Catalog, Strangebyrds, Paul Kimbiris with Tumbling Wheels, The Gael and J.W. Shuller. Jon Gold and Ben Hanna perform in August. The music doesn’t stop all summer, so check back each week. Additionally, there is live music the first Friday of each month, when an artist is also featured.

Beginning June 7, The Clocktower Collective will host Wednesday Farm Markets with Farm n’ Wild Wellspring, a small-scale diversified farm providing seasonal, specialty crops focusing on regenerative agriculture. They have organically grown, open-pollinated vegetables grown in Boulder County.

Under the clock tower you can hear live local music, enjoy house-roasted specialty coffee, sip draft beer and wine and fill up with delicious food from the chef-driven and seasonally prepared menu.

Check Salto Coffee Works and Tin Shed Sports facebook pages for the most up to date event information all summer. Visit and or call Salto Coffee Works at 303-258-3537 or Tin Shed at 303-258-3509. The Clocktower Collective is located at 112 E. 2nd St. in Nederland.

© Originally published in the June 2017 issue of the MMAC Monthly

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