Agreement renews opportunity for thoughtful expansion at Eldora

Community-Based Effort Works to Protect Eldora as Boulder County’s Quintessential Playground

A two-year collaborative process between Boulder County, the Sierra Club, the Middle Boulder Creek Coalition, and Eldora, part of the POWDR adventure lifestyle company, resulted yesterday in a historic agreement to a Statement of Principles that paves the way for the resort to preserve lands above Middle Boulder Creek, develop new intermediate terrain and lift access, and minimize impacts to Nordic skiing and backcountry access. The result of the community-based effort is a framework that will guide future development and land preservation in and around Eldora in a way that protects wilderness and recreation areas for future generations.

“POWDR is focused on developing its properties, including Eldora, in a way that is consistent with each community’s core values and vibe, so our partnership with Boulder County, the Sierra Club, the Middle Boulder Creek Coalition, and the Nordic community came naturally,” says Brent Tregaskis, Eldora’s president and general manager. “Our vision to protect and enhance Eldora as a community asset is undoubtedly stronger today because of this partnership and the resulting Statement of Principles.”

Throughout its 55-year history, Eldora has always been recognized for its ski and ride programs. The formalized Statement of Principles enables Eldora to renew its pursuit of a modest expansion southwest of the current Jolly Jug Glades, which positions the resort to advance its legacy as one of the best places to learn. The Jolly Jug Glades are located on the south side of Challenge Mountain toward Jenny Creek. A lift in this area will provide developing skiers with new low-intermediate terrain, and also provide additional access to the back side of the mountain.

“We view this as a win-win for the community,” says Tregaskis. “Future development will be done responsibly and in ways that protect and preserve where we love to play, and we’ll double down on what our guests love—that we are the best place in Colorado’s Front Range to learn to ski and ride.”

In 2015, before POWDR acquired Eldora, the U.S. Forest Service indicated that any future decision on expansion in the Jolly Jug Glades would result from Eldora working hand-in-hand with interested parties to resolve environmental and social issues. Using the agreed upon Statement of Principles as its guide, Eldora plans to work with the U.S. Forest Service and other impacted parties on next steps for the Jolly Jug area’s chairlift, terrain, and associated facilities. This exciting news comes on the heels of Eldora unveiling its new Alpenglow high-speed six-person chairlift earlier this season.

For more information on the Eldora experience, visit and follow Eldora on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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