Create bracelet at Old Gallery class

By George Watson
The Old Gallery in Allenspark hosts a workshop, Aug. 23, focusing on learning two geometric shapes, the square and rectangle, which will be used to make a beaded bracelet. Bead artist Wendy Ellsworth leads the class.

The techniques taught to participants include the basic gourd (peyote) stitch and the herringbone stitch. These are the building blocks of many fun designs in beaded jewelry and once mastered can lead to many more projects in both two and three dimensions.

The bracelet is made with size 11 seed beads in two contrasting colors and fire-polished glass beads. Kits will be provided that will include all the materials needed to make one bracelet with a magnetic clasp.

“Color surrounds me and excites me on all levels and I find infinite inspiration from observing nature in all her seasonal wardrobes,” class teacher Ellsworth said. “I am captivated by the rhythm of stringing beads and the patience it requires to sit and bead for hours and hours. It slows down the frenetic pace of my hurried life and helps me find perspective.”

Ellsworth’s “love affair” with seed beads began in 1970, just after graduating from the University of Colorado. “I was living in a single room log cabin at 10,500ft. in the Rocky mountains with no running water or electricity and began beading by the light of kerosene lamps. Beading fired up my creative energies and provided a means for me to express the beauty I witnessed around me as well as a way of reconnecting spiritually to the world I lived in.”

The class fee is $55 and the kits costs $15. Contact Wendy Ellsworth at for more information or if want to bring your own beads.

The class takes place from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at The Old Gallery, 14863 Hwy. 7, Allenspark.

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