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Tom Gootz presents ‘Transformation in RMNP: Effects of Climate Change and Human Intervention’ at The Baldpate Inn

Join The Baldpate Inn staff for refreshments and homemade cookies, Sept. 10, here at The Baldpate Inn as Thomas Gootz, author of Transformation in Rocky Mountain National Park: Effects of Climate Change and Human Intervention, speaks of the impacts of Human interaction and changes in the park! Dont miss this interesting and important presentation that will certainly change your perspective and raise many questions!

The Sneak Peak…
Slated for publication in August, Tom Gootz’ new work, Transformation in Rocky Mountain National Park: Effects of Climate Change and Human Intervention, is a fascinating look at the geology, history, and ecology, of the Park, and the science behind changes that have been taking place there over time. Based on reviews of the latest published studies by science researchers and scholars and the National Park Service as well as independent university and governmental agencies, Dr. Gootz takes readers through the complexities and interrelationships between and among plants, animals, and people, as well as their impact on one another. Included as well are lucid explanations of how the climate of the West, including Rocky Mountain National park has changed, as well as the relationship between local weather events and global climate patterns. Particularly pertinent are the sections on snow pack, drought, and violent storm events such as the flooding that occurred in September 2013 in RMNP and most of the front range.


A theme of the book is that responsible decision-making for the future growth and health of the flora and fauna in the Park is everyone’s responsibility and depends on an understanding of these complex issues. This includes members of the public who come in such extraordinary numbers each year to explore the Park’s beauty, and by those living locally, for whom the Park both frames and enriches daily life. Join us on Wednesday September 10th for refreshments and cookies as Tom emphasizes the importance of protecting and educating ourselves about the park and today’s growing issues.

2014 Summer Enchanted Evenings
This program is another installment in the Baldpate Inn’s weekly Summer Enchanted Evenings series continuing through September. All programs are free of charge and open to the public. Guests are always invited to come early, and enjoy dinner or homemade dessert in the Baldpate Inn’s fabulous rustic dining room prior to the scheduled 7:00 p.m. start time. For more information, or to make dinner reservations, call 970-586-KEYS

Wednesdays at 7 p.m.
September 10 Thomas Gootz, Climate Change in RMNP and the Impact of Human Interaction
September 17 Lois Smith, The 2013 Flood
September 24 Carrie Essig

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