‘Clean Up Clear Creek’ and Georgetown Lake, April 30

Kick off the spring by giving back to your mountain community and showing your love to one of our most precious resources. Join volunteers and help “Clean Up Clear Creek” in Georgetown on April 30. Clean Up Clear Creek (and Georgetown Lake) volunteers are asked to arrive at 10 a.m. at City Park on Taos Street in Georgetown. Participants are rewarded with a free cook out lunch in the afternoon. Organizing for Action fellows Sarah Street and Anne Marie Cannon are the organizers.

If planning to attend, come prepared. Volunteers should wear hats, shoes/boots with good traction, and work gloves (waders, muck boots or rubber boots if you have them). It’s also a good idea to have extra layers because spring weather conditions can change quickly in the high country. And don’t forget to bring plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen. Keep in mind that keeping the Clear Creek and Georgetown Lake beautiful and trash free is not just a one day event.

Colorado’s Clear Creek is an amazing natural resource that runs through Georgetown, Colorado. They call it a creek but it’s actually a stream fed by a stream named Fall River.

Organizing for Action is a non profit organization committed to impacting change at the grassroots level by training volunteer organizers around issues they are most passionate about. Sarah and Anne Marie are mobilizing their community at the grassroots level around environmental issues. By engaging the local community in cleaning up the stream and Georgetown Lake, Sarah and Anne Marie hope to bring awareness to issues surrounding the environment and more specifically each individuals impact on our precious water resource.

Volunteers are asked to RSVP via email: via phone: (970) 215-3787.

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